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"Accelerating The Reading Comprehension of Chronically Struggling Non-Responders"

Live: March 15th, 2023

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Attention: School District Intervention Directors & Intervention Coordinators!

Are you tired of traditional reading intervention programs failing to meet the needs of your non-responsive students?


Do you feel like you’re running out of options to help struggling readers improve their reading comprehension?


It’s time to consider a new approach.

Join us for an informative webinar on an alternative intervention reading program called Failure Free Reading!

Dr. Joseph Lockavitch

Founder and President of Failure Free Reading

Dr. Joseph Lockavitch is a Kindle Best Selling Author, Former University Professor, Published Reading Researcher, Reading Expert, Software Developer, Consultant, Founder and President at Failure Free Reading. 


For over 30 years, I have been helping school districts across the nation turn their non readers into readers – quickly, easily and within budget. Training teachers, parents and volunteers in accelerating the vocabulary, comprehension, expressive fluency and confidence of chronically failing students of all ages is my unique expertise. 


“I was amazed at how quickly the children could learn to read that were actually non-readers when they started. I saw immediate progress but more than the progress in reading, I saw their self-esteem rise. It went from zero to a hundred.”

Dr. Judy



“With Failure Free Reading you see results immediately, the very first lesson, the very first page of the very first reader, the student is able to be successful”

Jenny Cruise



“I had third grade students who could not read a complete sentence. Now they are reading whole stories. All my students were eager to read and their self-esteem grew by leaps and bounds.”

Clara Powell


What is Covered in this Free Webinar:

Dr. Lockavitch will introduce you to Failure Free Reading, an alternative intervention reading program designed specifically for non-responsive students. This program focuses on three learning characteristics that prevent non-responders from succeeding in traditional reading approaches. By understanding these characteristics, you can help your students succeed in reading.


Additionally, Dr. Lockavitch will reveal one word that will dramatically improve the reading comprehension of every student in your building. You won’t want to miss this powerful insight!


Finally, Dr. Lockavitch will share the biggest academic mistake charters are making across the nation. This valuable information will help you avoid common pitfalls and ensure success for your students.

Live webinar : March 15th, 2023

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar would benefit School District Intervention Directors and Intervention Coordinators the most. These individuals are responsible for identifying and implementing intervention programs for struggling students, including those who are non-responsive to traditional reading interventions. This Webinar is also for anyone who is:

Overall, this webinar would be most beneficial to individuals who are passionate about helping struggling students succeed in reading and are open to new ideas and approaches to reading intervention.



Join us and discover a new way to help your struggling readers!

FREE Live webinar : March 15th, 2023

why you need a new reading intervention.

Traditional reading intervention programs often fail to address the individual learning characteristics of non-responsive students. These programs typically take a one-size-fits-all approach, which doesn’t consider the unique needs of each student. 

As a result, many students continue to struggle and fall further behind. This is a significant problem for schools, as non-responsive students are more likely to become disengaged and disenchanted with school, leading to further academic difficulties.

Another problem with traditional reading intervention programs is that they often focus exclusively on decoding skills, such as phonics and word recognition. While these skills are important, they are not enough to help struggling students achieve reading comprehension. Non-responsive students often struggle with comprehension, even after mastering decoding skills.


Unfortunately, many traditional intervention programs neglect this crucial aspect of reading and fail to provide students with the tools they need to understand and engage with text.

Finally, traditional reading intervention programs can be ineffective because they fail to address the emotional and motivational factors that can impact a student’s ability to learn. Non-responsive students often experience feelings of frustration, embarrassment, and shame related to their reading difficulties. 


These negative emotions can make it challenging for them to engage with traditional interventions, which can feel tedious and repetitive. Without addressing these emotional factors, traditional intervention programs may fail to motivate non-responsive students to invest the time and effort necessary to improve their reading skills.

Transform the Lives of Your Struggling Readers:

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover a game-changing alternative intervention reading program that can transform the lives of your non-responsive students! As a school district Intervention Director or Intervention Coordinator, you owe it to your students to explore new and innovative approaches to reading intervention.

Register now to reserve your spot and revolutionize your approach to reading instruction!

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